Nicolas Cage as a weirdo in search of a kidnapped pig who is also his only friend

A large part of the film canon consists of films about heroes searching for missing neighbors, but at no time was the neighbor a pig

Nicolas Cage as a weirdo in search of a kidnapped pig who is also his only friend

Photo Credits: Pictorial Press Ltd/Alamy/Alamy/Profimedia

A good piece of the classic film canon is made up of films about heroes who set out to find their own, abducted, or missing loved ones. There are a lot of such films, except that in none of them the loved one was - a pig.

And this is exactly the case in the film "Pig", the debut work of the American director Michael Sarnoski. The hero of "Pig" is Feld ( Nicolas Cage ), a weirdo who lives without water and electricity in the middle of the Oregon forest and collects truffles with the help of his only friend - a pig. When competing truffle hunters kidnap the pig, Feld forces a mushroom dealer ( Alex Wolff ) to take him to Portland to find the animal together. Feld's companion there was stunned to realize that a neglected man with a long, greasy beard had once been a famous cook.

Sarnosky's film has one thing to admit: you are not clear where it will take you for an hour. The road movie about a man from the forest early turns into a philosophical film about the deceitfulness of life and success, only to turn into something resembling an ancient myth in the final twist. In doing so - which is not particularly commendable to the film - the title animal disappears from the film both physically and as a motif.

Critics loved "Pig" very much. Maybe they exaggerated. The film has an atmosphere, an unusual elusiveness, and Nicholas Cage in a standard ostentatious role. But as it comes to an end, the film turns into a not-quite-fulfilled promise.

By: Amber V.