And what does Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) do? From a "nerd" to a businessman

After seeing paparazzi photos of the boy Jake from the series "Two and a Half Men", today 27-year-old Angus T. Jones, who was spotted walking barefoot through the streets of Los Angeles, fans of the series wonder what his "father" looks like now.

And what does Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) do? From  a "nerd" to a businessman

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Actor Jon Cryer, who played the role of Alan Harper, Jake's father, did not expose himself too much in public, even at the peak of his popularity.

After the series ended, Jon Cryer completely changed his image, and in the meantime, he went bald. It was reported earlier that he started losing his hair during the filming, which is why they had to spray the bold parts of his head in order to cover the shortcoming.

In July this year, Jon Cryer (56) was seen filming for the final season of the "Supergirl" series, in which he plays businessman Lex Luthor, and the photos show that he was elegantly dressed for the role.

Although he played a character who has no luck in love in "Two and a Half Men", in real life he is happily married to journalist Lisa Joyner. This is his second marriage. Before that, he was married to Sarah Trigger, with whom he has a son, Charlie.

After the end of the popular series, Cryer wrote memoirs about all the things that happened to him during his acting career.

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